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    About iMobile Technology Limited

    We specialize in helping the brokers, traders, resellers, distributors and end-users of volume mobile phones and mobile phone accessories world-wide.

    IMT is an online Mobile Phone and Mobile Phone Accessories marketplace. This community is provided for our valued members only, who would typically be brokers, traders, resellers, distributors, wholesalers, service centres and end-users. Whether you are a large distributor, trading company or individual buyer, IMT can increase your client base, value-added for you, improve your profitability, saving cost, and enhance your efficiency and effectiveness.  It is one-stop mobile and mobile accessories shopping marketplace on behalf of you !

    Our worldwide database and industry knowledge allows us to work with clients to regularly help them develop new relationships. Our dedicated sales team allows members to present live stocks and requests to the market in a timely fashion. You can offer products you wish to buy (WTB), and/or want to sell (WTS), by sending us email or communicate with instant program, like skype, whatsapp, telephone.

    Use this website to keep up with the rapidly changing market, discover new products, requirements and opportunities. Our aim is to provide a facility for mobile phone handset and accessories brokers, traders, distributors, accessory resellers and end-users to shopping more effectively and efficiency by providing added value.

    Reliable, Confidence and Efficiency

    Our website provide all members with trustworthy, valued global and topical insights, which give all of our decision-makers and members confidence. We provide a targeted, efficient and accurate service to traders and buyers who require a seamless and reliable service from a specialist operator which reacts quickly to the changing demands required of it.

    Our clients benefit from the service, which encompasses a large geographical area, and also gives them access to otherwise impenetrable locations.

    Contact Us
    Address : Suite E3 & E5, 10/F, Effort Industrial Building, 2-8 Kung Yip Street, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong
    Tel :          +852 3708 8652